Motor slide rails according to "WEN 40.003", heavy version

Type WEN (in-house standard) slide rails are a further development of the standard version and were developed especially for particularly powerful motors and high loads. This slide rail type offers optimal set up possibilities due to fully adjustable cleats.

The trend towards bigger and more powerful drives has led to an increase in demand for heavier motor intakes and clamping systems. The heavy WEN series from Lütgert is the ideal complementation for the motor slide rail according to DIN 42932.

The WEN slide rails are produced with gray cast as well and offer best damping properties and a smooth drive operation.

By default the WEN slide rails are produced in 5 different sizes. Upon request we can also produce intermediate sizes or bigger versions.


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Slide rail WEN 40 
Slide rail WEN 40
WEN slide rail on pallet 
WEN slide rail on pallet
WEN slide rail on pallet 
WEN slide rail on pallet

At a glance

  • Material: cast iron EN-GJL-200 (GG-20) DIN EN 1561
  • Produced according to WEN 40.003
  • Motor sizes 355 bis >455
  • Lengthes 1,240 to 2,000mm
  • Cleats fully adjustable
  • Surfaces primed by default
  • Optional with exclusive surface and special varnishing or corrosion protection upon customer request
  • Documentation of surface treatments

The benefits

  • Especially for heavy industry belt drives
  • High drive intake stability
  • Vibration lowering material properties
  • For attachment on machine frames or industry floor
  • Optional parts available: ground anchor, galvanized motor mounting and clamping screws according to DIN 799

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