Motor clamping systems

Motor clamping rails according to DIN 42923

Modern v-belt drives usually require a set preload. A belt drive is only as good as its motor clamping system. Therefore we offer a huge range of possibilities to optimally preload a drive belt.

The most common solution are motor clamping rails according to DIN 42923 out of gray cast and the weight optimized motor clamping rails version,“light version”.

A WEN40.003 gray cast clamping rail series as “heavy version” for extremely high demands completes the systems. These clamping rails allow for heavy motors with high performance to be tensioned over a slip length up to 2,000 mm. The large proportion of graphite in gray cast reduced unintentional vibrations and ensures a smooth movement of the whole drive.


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As cost-efficient alternative to cast clamping rails we offer steel motor clamping rails and motor slide bases. Despite the bad attenuation properties of the material and the drive being less stable, this solution is a good and efficient alternative for lighter drives.

Also the TE- belt tensioner ensures optimal belt drive tension. Although this doesn´t allow the motor intake, it´s a popular possibility to optimize drive performance and effectiveness, especially with mobile implementations.

The maximum efficiency and lifetime can only be reached with the optimal belt drive and tensioning system.

The benefits

  • Optimal motor clamping system for all needs
  • Full drive solutions from one provider
  • Perfect price-performance ratio
  • High flexibility due to ample warehouse stocks
  • Drive dimensioning with competent advice

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