Technische Auslegung von Antriebsscheiben
Technische Auslegung von Antriebsscheiben
Technische Auslegung von Antriebsscheiben

Lütgert has many facets


On the one hand

The Family business is one of the oldest in the area, and has operated here for more than 100 years. The knowledge of manufacturing specific drive pulleys has matured and strengthened over the generations. Many work processes (especially in the foundry) have remained virtually unchanged for decades and the challenges we face are accepted and taken in our stride. 

Soundness and consistency run like a thread throughout the company's history. Thus, even after the takeover by the friendly and entrepreneurial family Flohr, the Lütgert family still remains closely connected to the company and the life's work of their ancestors.

"Here you are more than just a number.

The employees see themselves as part of the family business and identify with the company. Staff turnover is noticeably low and the long-standing company anniversaries are still celebrated regularly. The honoured employees really know every nut and bolt in the company.

In addition, an annual meeting of the Lütgert pensioners takes place, and the management is always surprised to see how close the senior citizens remain to the company.

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On the other hand

There is a continuous investment in the technical infrastructure as well as staff training. From the training workshop to the company's own paint shop, there is a professionally equipped machine park.

In the meantime, customers demand that the drive elements be machined to an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimetre. This can only be achieved with modern, CNC-supported mechanical production and high-precision measuring tools. In the foundry, for example, the spectrometer has been used for many years. Spectral analysis is state of the art for determining the chemical composition of the casting material.

To assist work processes that are easier on the body and above all on the back, more and more floor and traction vehicles are being purchased, for example, vibrating sieves and roller conveyors are being installed. In addition we offer health days on topics such as back or eye diseases as well as mental stress and stress and pressure management. We also offer regular health checks carried out by the company doctor.

"Offices with such modern equipment surprises many customers and new employee."

In the newly renovated and brighter administrative rooms, employees have access to both ergonomic workstations as well as the latest technology. Smartboards, video conferencing tools and modern software solutions for a wide range of tasks from drive design, work preparation and sales to accounting. These are all here to help and enable a more efficient work place.

All workstations are equipped with a powerful computer, at least two large flat screens and access to the cloud-based telephone system. In many administrative areas, home office work is offered as an option. A company canteen is available for lunch breaks and a well-equipped kitchen with a cosy seating area is available in the administration area. To support the health of our employees, a company fitness programme and job bike leasing are also offered.


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