Grauguß Gießerei
Grauguß Gießerei
Mitarbeiter Maschinenfabrik und Eisengießerei Lütgert
Mitarbeiter Maschinenfabrik und Eisengießerei Lütgert
Verwaltung Lütgert & Co.
Verwaltung Lütgert & Co.
Grauguß Gießerei
Mitarbeiter Maschinenfabrik und Eisengießerei Lütgert
Verwaltung Lütgert & Co.


  • Investment in renewable energies

    07.06.2024 Investment in renewable energies

    Finally, the green indicator light on the front of the meter cupboard lights up. With a total of 120 solar modules, a roof output of 50 KWp is now achieved. With the new photovoltaic system on the roof of our warehouse, we are making a visible contribution to climate protection and at the same time sustainably reducing our energy costs.

  • Culinary company excursion to Koch- & Grillacademy in Gütersloh

    29.05.2024 Culinary company excursion to Koch- & Grillacademy in Gütersloh

    It was obvious that a culinary company excursion to a fireplace would be a perfect match for us as the "hottest company in town". In the best outdoor kitchen weather, Lütgert invited all administrative employees and the heads of technical production to Michelin-starred chef Patrick Speck's cookery and barbecue academy.

  • Cost-intensive investment in new control system for oxy-fuel burner

    08.02.2024 Cost-intensive investment in new control system for oxy-fuel burner

    In addition to the cupola furnace, an oxy-fuel burner system is one of the most important systems in our iron foundry. By installing a new control system we were able to increase the performance of the burner, continue to guarantee precise temperature control and at the same time achieve considerable energy savings.

  • New version of the LüCo TensionPro belt tension meter

    24.01.2024 New version of the LüCo TensionPro belt tension meter

    As the successor to the LüCo TensionPro, we are now offering the new LüCo TensionPro2 version. With its highly sensitive sensor, the compact measuring device enables non-contact, acoustic measurement of the belt tension. The professional measuring device enables precise adjustment of the belt tension. This increases the efficiency of the drive and reduces energy costs at the same time.

  • New motor base for optimum belt tension for motors up to 200 kW

    11.01.2024 New motor base for optimum belt tension for motors up to 200 kW

    To optimise belt drives with larger electric motors, we can now offer the new MW 10 motor base series in addition to the MW 8 series. The maintenance-free motor bases ensure ideal belt tension and even torque transmission. In addition, oscillations, vibrations and load peaks are absorbed and belt wear is minimised.

  • Two Lütgert veterans go into retirement

    04.01.2024 Two Lütgert veterans go into retirement

    Our foundry employees Ralf Zwick and Ottmar Schult, two long-serving members of our workforce, are taking their well-deserved retirement. We would like to thank them for many decades of hard work, diligence and loyalty. Both have developed into true experts in their field and have shaped and advanced the company in many areas.

  • With company sport and jobbike strengthen health

    20.10.2023 With company sport and jobbike strengthen health

    To support the long-term health and fitness of our employees, we have been offering free or heavily discounted access to thousands of sports and wellness facilities as well as online courses with "Sportnavi" for some time now. This attractive offer has now been extended with the possibility of leasing a new e-bike or bicycle at a favourable price through the employer.

  • NEW in assortment: Shaft-hub connections

    20.09.2023 NEW in assortment: Shaft-hub connections

    With TAS Schäfer, we have been able to gain a market-leading supplier in the area of frictional shaft-hub connections (mechanical as well as hydraulic) as a partner. By expanding our product range with clamping sets, but also shrink discs, mounting flanges, flange couplings and shaft couplings, we are now in a position to offer our customers added value in the field of drive technology.

  • Training year 2023 has started

    17.08.2023 Training year 2023 has started

    With the 1st of August, a breath of fresh air has come into our production halls again. This year, three motivated young people are venturing with us on the "adventure of training". The initial excitement has subsided after a good two weeks on the job and their first visit to the local vocational school. After a total of three and a half years of training in our company, they will certainly be sought-after specialists as industrial mechanics and machinists respectively.

  • Congratulations on passing the final exam

    20.06.2023 Congratulations on passing the final exam

    We are glad with this year's trainees for passing their final exams. Gerd Martin and Leon have both shortened their training period to three years and have now successfully completed their training. Not entirely self-evident, since a large part of the training was shaped by the pandemic.

  • Honour for 50 years of loyal cooperation

    15.06.2023 Honour for 50 years of loyal cooperation

    In the past few days we were able to celebrate a very special anniversary. Our esteemed foundry foreman Ralf Zwick has now been with our company for 50 years and is thus a true Lütgert veteran. We are proud of the time we have spent together and the many years of loyalty and thank him for his commitment to work, his expertise and his loyalty.

  • Lütgert has many facets

    17.03.2023 Lütgert has many facets

    We have many decades of proven work processes using casting and moulding technology which places both the highest demands on workplace equipment and machining precision as well as our company structure that offers maximum versatility. Lütgert demonstrates that values such as tradition and consistency can be combined with high technology workplaces and a modern corporate culture.

  • Documents with product information revised

    13.12.2022 Documents with product information revised

    We provide a condensed overview with all relevant information on the respective drive pulley type or accessories in our downloads. In the last few weeks, we have revised the content of all PDFs, standardised the layout and created an English language version. Convince yourself of our new information material!

  • Grooved drum as steel-welded construction

    18.11.2022 Grooved drum as steel-welded construction

    Our core competence is customised products, so when conventional drive pulleys are not suitable, we advise on the drive design and manufacture of pulleys according to the individual requirements. This week, for example, several cylindrical grooved pulleys were produced as a welded steel construction in our mechanical production department.

  • After-Work-Party with foodtruck

    10.10.2022 After-Work-Party with foodtruck

    The last working day before the fall vacations ended this year with a small after-work party on the plant premises. As a thank-you for the commitment of all employees in the foundry, mechanical production and administration areas, Lütgert invited everyone to a social gathering with hearty burgers, freshly baked pizza and cool refreshments just in time for the end of the working day.

  • New apprentice as an industrial mechanic

    07.09.2022 New apprentice as an industrial mechanic

    There is a new face in our mechanical workshop. Philipp Alexander started his training as an industrial mechanic on 1 August. The 19-year-old revealed in a short interview why his school internships laid the foundation for his career choice and how he experienced the first weeks of training.

  • 14 casting-free days for extensive renovation and maintenance work

    02.09.2022 14 casting-free days for extensive renovation and maintenance work

    This year it was again time for the furnace relining. This is what we call the regular renovation of the heart of our iron foundry - the cupola furnace. The furnace is completely gutted from the inside and rebuilt from the bare inner furnace plate onwards. At the same time, we also completely overhauled the holding furnace and carried out comprehensive maintenance work in the foundry.

  • Hitting the bull's eye with 3D archery for the employees

    19.08.2022 Hitting the bull's eye with 3D archery for the employees

    With the occasional team events, Lütgert actively tries to strengthen staff loyalty and team spirit. After a long break due to the pandemic, the Lütgert administration team was invited to a joint 3D archery event. A great change from distance and home office and at the same time a good opportunity to get to know their new colleagues better.

  • Investment in CNC vertical machining centre

    13.06.2022 Investment in CNC vertical machining centre

    As an extension of our manufacturing workshop, we have invested in a new vertical CNC machining centre. With the new machine, workpieces weighing up to 700 kg can be accurately milled and drilled. This will once again substantially increase our performance, especially in the medium range.

  • NEW: Info-PDF Motor Tensioning Systems

    08.03.2022 NEW: Info-PDF Motor Tensioning Systems

    With our revised information document, we offer a detailed overview on the variety of different types of tensioning systems for electric motors. Select the optimum tensioning option for each application and thus ensure the perfect interaction of motor, pulleys and belts. One of our experienced employees will be happy to advise you.

  • Taken on after successful journeyman's examination

    17.02.2022 Taken on after successful journeyman's examination

    We promote the motto "Your training - Our future" and congratulate our apprentices Alexej, Andreas and Justin on passing their journeyman's examination. We are very proud and happy to welcome the three young men now as qualified skilled workers in the Lütgert team.

  • New mould boxes for pattern casting

    08.11.2021 New mould boxes for pattern casting

    To further increase the productivity of our foundry, new moulding boxes were manufactured in the company's own fabrication shop. From the detailed planning and design to the expert manufacture, the new moulding boxes were manufactured entirely in-house.

  • Investments in warehouse and internal logistics

    29.09.2021 Investments in warehouse and internal logistics

    With the construction of a new 300 m² warehouse on the Lütgert factory premises, a total of 285 rack spaces for pallets and 100 m² storage space for heavy-duty items, such as our flywheels weighing up to 6,500 kg, have been added.

  • Engagement als Ausbildungsbotschafter

    29.09.2021 Engagement als Ausbildungsbotschafter

    Als Dank für seinen Einsatz als "Ausbildungsbotschafter" hat Lütgert-Azubi Niklas von der IHK Ostwestfalen eine Urkunde überreicht bekommen. Ziel des Projektes "Berufliche Bildungslotsen" ist es, jungen Menschen die Vielfalt der Berufswelt und vor allem der betrieblichen Ausbildung vorzustellen. Durch die Berichte der Ausbildungsbotschafter erfahren die Schülerinnen und Schüler von fast Gleichaltrigen wie sie den Übergang in die Ausbildung erlebt haben und welche Facetten eine Duale Ausbildung bietet.

  • Neue Auszubildende in der Verwaltung

    17.08.2021 Neue Auszubildende in der Verwaltung

    Wir möchten ein neues Gesicht in unserer Verwaltung vorstellen. Cheyenne hat am 1. August ihre Ausbildung bei Lütgert begonnen. Wie Corona den Weg zum Beruf beeinflusste, warum sie sich für Lütgert entschieden hat und was ihre Erwartungen an die Ausbildung zur Industriekauffrau sind, verrät die 18-jährige in einem kurzen Interview.

  • Neue Drehmaschine für die Lehrwerkstatt

    06.08.2021 Neue Drehmaschine für die Lehrwerkstatt

    Pünktlich zum Start des neuen Ausbildungsjahrs haben wir unsere Lehrwerkstatt um eine neue Leit- und Zugspindel-Drehmaschine erweitert. Das Einrichten, Bedienen und Warten der Drehmaschine gehört für Nico, unserem neuen Auszubildenden zum Zerspanungsmechaniker, nun zur täglichen Arbeit.

  • Antriebsscheiben als Stahl-/ Schweißkonstruktion

    02.06.2021 Antriebsscheiben als Stahl-/ Schweißkonstruktion

    Da in einigen Einsatzbereich keine Antriebslemente aus Grau-, Sphäro- oder Stahlguss verwendet werden können, produzieren wir auch Antriebs- und Schwungscheiben als Stahl-/ Schweißkonstruktion. Diese werden entweder aus genormten Stahlhalbzeugen hergestellt oder als kundenspezifische Sonderscheiben an die individuellen Wünsche und Anforderungen angepasst.

  • Investitionen in Fördersystem

    25.03.2021 Investitionen in Fördersystem

    In diesem Monat haben wir in den Bereich Modellguss unserer Gießerei investiert und damit die Arbeitsabläufe und ergonomischen Bedingungen des Arbeitsplatzes nachhaltig verbessert.

  • Weiterbildung unter Pandemie-Bedingungen

    12.02.2021 Weiterbildung unter Pandemie-Bedingungen

    Damit unsere Mitarbeiter im coronabedingten Schichtbetrieb flexibler einsetzbar sind, haben in diesem Monat drei Kollegen aus der Dreherei und Gießerei mit einer Weiterbildung die Berechtigung zum betrieblichen Führen von Gabelstaplern und anderen Flurförderzeugen erhalten.

  • NEU: Energiesparendes Hallenheizsystem in Gießerei

    30.11.2020 NEU: Energiesparendes Hallenheizsystem in Gießerei

    Trotz wirtschaftlicher Ungewissheit in der aktuellen Pandemiesituation investieren wir in eine neue, energiesparende Zentralheizung in unserer Gießerei. Die durch Kurzarbeit ausgefallenen Gießtage konnten dabei mit der Installation des Gasheizungssystems sinnvoll genutzt werden.

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